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Welcome on this blog about the Australian/Canadian actress Hélène Joy

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juliajoybell replied to your post “Fan Expo is in twelve days. I still don’t even know what I want to…”

I am sure that you will be great whatever you choose!! Hope to see pictures of your costume. ;) *12 days whoohooo *

Aah, thank you, sweet person! ♥
Very torn between going as Julia because of the panel, or going as something else so I don’t creep out Hélène. :P

Lol yes, that’s could be a possibility. But last year she had see people dressed like ‘Julia’ and she found it ‘crazy’ and ‘funny’ ( according to an interview she did for CBC radio that I was able to listen to, here ( crazy hum?!) I think the link is still somewhere on my website from september 2013). So perhaps she will like it :)

By the way, Helen Magnus rocks too !!! I like this character !!