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Interactive FANFICTION

Dear followers and Murdoch Mysteries fans/friends

I have got an idea some months ago as I saw an interview on the french tv about a new concept. A movie was filmed and show in a theatre, some people have electrods on their head and based on their reactions about what happend on the screen, they changed the next scene. If they ” wanted” to see the couple on screen kiss each other, they do it. So actors filmd two different scene and they choose what to show based on the people in the room. 

I think this is amazing !!! Of course, I don’t think this is possible to “Murdoch Mysteries”, they roll a lot all the time and they probably don’t have time to do two differents scene for one episode. I thought perhaps for the webserie, that’s could be cool! But as I don’t know anybody of the staff and I will probably never write to them, (snif) , I though to do it with a fanfiction. 

I had wrote manies, as novels and a scenario ( you can found my fanfictions here » https://www.fanfiction.net/u/3389779/JuliaJoyBell , they are in french and almost in english but I have to translate the three missed and the first translation are not really good) ) and I though to write a new one with this concept. I have a ton of ideas all the time and I can’t stop writing, so even if this will be a quite long to do, I really like to do it. What could it be if YOU CHOOSE what could happens next or wich character will be in the story?? So when I finished each chapter you will have two posibilities. 

For exemple: 

" 1. He open the door.

2. He came back to her. “

This will need much time and I don’t want to begin if I am not sure that you will read it and of course gave me your opinion and way to follow. Of course everybody will not be content, but I will based my choice with the poll at the end of the chapters. 

I hope that you will understand what I said, it is hard to explain it in english. Of course, they will be in french and in english, I know that many of you don’t read french. Let me know what do you think. You can contact me under this post, on twitter, tumblr…. 

Thank you  :) 

Julia R. 

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